CApE Reading Group: The Humanities reads the IPCC III

CApE invites researchers and students at UCPH humanities and other interested parties to join our IPCC reading group (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN).

We continue this group from last semester as we find it important to mark the occasion of the ongoing work of the IPCC to complete the 6th Assessment Report and to gain insights into its findings and approaches.

The last assessment report was released in 2014 ahead of the Paris agreement with influential special reports arriving in between – most notably the 1.5-degree report in 2018.

Although the reports mainly synthesize knowledge that exists in other publications, we find it important to read, discuss and interpret the work to bring together these many strands of knowledge and ask each other what this might mean for our future work and ideas.

The full report is massive, and we will only be able to read selected chapters. However, as a principle, we will read the actual chapters and not the summaries for policy-makers (nor the technical summaries).

Experience tells us that this is better for legibility and the chance to understand reasoning across disciplines. This also goes for IPCC working group III on mitigation. We will continue reading the first chapter so the main focus is on reading from pages 173 to 194. Please be aware these pages correspond with the updated version.


Please register here

CApE will provide lunch for all participants registered.