Sensing the Vibratory Planet Workshop: Reimagining Pollinator Relationships

Workshop Leaders

  • Melissa Van Drie (Invited Researcher and Arts Practitioner, CAPE )
  • Jenny Gräf Sheppard (Artist and Researcher, Danish Royal Academy and IKK)
  • Oliver Maxwell (Anthropologist and Director of BYBI urban honey project)

This workshop is dedicated to multiplying the ways in which humans conceive of knowing and living planetary relations. Participants will be invited to engage in different sensory experiences, a multi-media artistic performance, and story-telling that contribute to re-orientating vocabularies and practices for noticing more-than-human ecologies and supporting them.

Specifically, we will work on the story of pollination. Through somatic and vibratory encounters, participants are invited to reimagine honey as something created through collaborative, sensual interactions between bees, flowers and people. Our exploration will happen through embodied reflection and engaging with scientific, agricultural, and poetic mediums. How can we listen differently and attune to these creatures through sounds, colours, touch, smells, taste? How does the study of nonhuman ways of sensing open alternative pathways for thinking about interspecies entanglements and for troubling concepts of anthropocentric nature? The topics of curiosity, pleasure, and affect will hold central roles in our investigations and retellings of the life dances of living systems.

This workshop is part of the interdisciplinary and intersectoral event program of the Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (CAPE). This event is free and open to all. Advanced registration is required as places are limited.

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