Ecotone Existences – How to Live and Build with the Wet In-between

This pilot workshop is the first in a planned series of four Blue Humanities events. The workshop will introduce key cultural, historical, and scientific issues and approaches from the emergent and increasingly pressing transdisciplinary field of Blue Humanities to discuss and apply these in a case study of the design and planning of Lynetteholm in Copenhagen. Notably, this case-based workshop orients itself towards living with sea-level rises in the Anthropocene and seeks to discuss a range of urgent issues respecting how to approach waters as a creative hydrological co-producer of resilient cityscapes.

Suggestive preliminary issues: How can citizens, urban planners, and architects live and work along with the rains, tides, waves, and storms to come rather than against them? How might the ecotone environment between land and water be considered a space of creative co-existence involving human and more-than-human agents? How do we approach ‘wet ontologies’? What can we as citizens, scholars, and practitioners, all living on a planet with more unpredictable and threatening floods and droughts, develop via engagement with this term?

The workshop includes research presentations by Professor in Cultural Geography Philip Steinberg (Durham University), Associate Professor Henrik Oxvig (Royal Danish Academy - Architecture), and PhD Fellow Soo Ryu (Aarhus School of Architecture).


The workshop series is a public and transdisciplinary outreach from the Art & Earth research cluster at the Department of Arts and Cultures, University of Copenhagen. The series is organized by researchers Anne-Sophie Bogetoft Mogensen (Roskilde University), Christa Holm Vogelius (University of Southern Denmark), Michael Kjær (University of Copenhagen), and Ulrik Ekman (University of Copenhagen).

Everybody is welcome – registration not required. We hope to see you there – you will not get wet except imaginatively, this time.


Time Activity
10:00 Introductory session, Blue Humanities and Lynetteholm
10:45 Break (tea & coffee)
11:00 Presentation by Philip Steinberg
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Presentation by Soo Jung Ryu
13:45 Break (tea and coffee)
14:00 Presentation by Henrik Oxvig
15:00 Open discussion - Lynetteholm again
15:30 Drinks, snacks, and mingling
16:00 End of event