Workshop with T.J. Demos: Radical Futurisms and Chronopolitics

Workshop with T.J. Demos.

It is all coming to an end - ecosystems, democracies, and civilization as we know it - or so it seems through the lens of fatalistic nihilism. Art historian and cultural critic, T.J. Demos proposes a temporal re-orientation towards the ‘worlds-to-come’.

How can we imagine radical futures beyond end-of-the-world narratives? What does radical futurism, emerging from the traditions of the oppressed and those already living in postapocalyptic conditions, look like? How can we decolonize the future and cultivate certain modalities of chronopolitics to imagine the ‘not-yet’, a ‘justice-to-come’, solidarity and multispecies flourishing?

In this workshop we will explore the anti-capitalist, activistic and aesthetic efforts of radical futurisms, departing in selected chapters from T.J. Demos’ newly published book Radical Futurisms: Ecologies of Collapse, Chronopolitics, and Justice-to-Come (2023).

Following a presentation by T.J. Demos on his book, participants are invited to consider and discuss the role of social and political movements, visual culture, and aesthetic practices concerning visions of radical futurity.


To apply for participation in the workshop, please email Amalie Voss by 19 May, including two short texts: a 100-word description about yourself (your background and interests, academic or otherwise) and 150 words about your motivation for participating in the workshop.

Please insert both texts in the body of the email. 20 participants will be selected based on the applications.

This workshop is a collaboration between the Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (CApE) and the OIKOS project, at the University of Copenhagen.