Humanistiske perspektiver på atomkraft: Safe, Natural, Cheap, and Necessary? – Nuclear Power at Display in Visitor Centers

Third event in the series "Humanistiske perspektiver på atomkraft". Talk by postdoc Hanna Klaubert (Linköpings University).

With the emergence of nuclear technologies, and more specifically the spread of nuclear power plants, another new institution spread across the globe – the nuclear visitor or information center.

It is part industry museum and marketing tool, part educational destination for school kids and technophiles, and it informs visitors about radiation, radiation safety, power production, and nuclear waste storage. In this talk, I present my ongoing research into these exhibition spaces as arenas for the negotiation of contemporary civil nuclear imaginaries in Sweden and Germany.

The exhibitions also serve as a springboard for surveying the emerging field of the “nuclear humanities” and the critical terms and perspectives that it brings to the discussion about the future of (nuclear) energy production.

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About the event series

Through this series, we bring together three research perspectives examining different aspects of nuclear power. From contemporary history analyses to artistic responses and reflections on public dissemination, these discussions offer various perspectives on the complex topic of atomic energy.