Saving Ourselves: From Climate Shocks to Climate Action

The internationally renowned sociologist Prof. Dana Fisher from American University is visiting CApE to open up a public conversation about her new book, “Saving Ourselves: From Climate Shocks to Climate Action”. In the book, Prof. Fisher argues that if there is a realistic path forward for climate action, it lies in the power of mass mobilisation.

Prof. Fisher will begin the event with a presentation of some of the core insights from the book regarding the relationship between activist movements and systemic change. Afterwards, there will be a conversation between Prof. Fisher, researcher Fabian Holt from Roskilde University, and the Danish climate activist Nikoline Borgermann. Together, they will explore how the arguments and insights from the book relate to the field of climate activism and community engagement in Denmark.

An informal reception will follow the event.

NB: Registration is required. Register here